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  Volumne I-- 10 messages taught individually or in any order as a series. A dynamic collection of Bible War Heroes taught over the past several years.

Includes Two Workbooks and Ten Messages.


War Heroes_Courageous Soldiers War Heroes_Courageous Soldiers 88.61 Kb  Jonathan and his Armor Bearer from I Samuel 14:6-7.

War Heroes_Disciplined Soldier War Heroes_Disciplined Soldier 100.87 Kb  Daniel & the Lion's Den from Daniel 5.

War Heroes_Don't Quit War Heroes_Don't Quit 95.00 Kb  Elijah suffered from PTSD after his most spectacular public victory. I Kings 19. God shows him that He is not in the spectacular, rather in the Still Small Voice.

War Heroes_Legacy War Heroes_Legacy 94.59 Kb  David's 3 mighty men- 3 distinct Heroes of 2 Samuel 23:8-12.

War Heroes_Patience Payoff War Heroes_Patience Payoff 66.51 Kb  Caleb takes the land promised to him by God from decades earlier. Joshua 14:6.

War Heroes_POW Camp War Heroes_POW Camp 96.41 Kb  Three Hebrew boys and a Fiery Furnace from the Book of Daniel. Prisoners of War stand for the Lord.

War Heroes_Shock & Awe War Heroes_Shock & Awe 100.99 Kb  Joshua and the Sun Stood Still from Joshua 10: 12-14. Definitely Shock and Awe.

War Heroes_Size not a Factor War Heroes_Size not a Factor 114.13 Kb  David & Goliath from I Samuel 17; Size did not matter.

War Heroes_Support Troops-Chariots of Fire War Heroes_Support Troops-Chariots of Fire 88.78 Kb  Elisha saw Angels with Chariots of Fire on the Hillside from 2 Kings 6; Best part-- he shows his apprentice & he also sees.

War Heroes_Commander-in-Chief War Heroes_Commander-in-Chief 96.86 Kb  Joshua and Jericho from Joshua 5:13. Joshua's success comes from following his Commander-in-Chief.



 War Heroes Workbook 1 - Impossibilites

War Heroes - Workbook 1 (Viewing) War Heroes - Workbook 1 (Viewing) 690.47 Kb

War Heroes - Workbook 1 (for Printing) War Heroes - Workbook 1 (for Printing) 651.27 Kb





warheroes2_cover.jpg War Heroes Workbook 2 - Victories

War Heroes - Workbook 2 (Viewing) War Heroes - Workbook 2 (Viewing) 444.40 Kb

War Heroes - Workbook 2 (for Printing) War Heroes - Workbook 2 (for Printing) 402.31 Kb1







fantasy_0944.jpgWar Heroes 2    

Volumne II-- 9  additional messages taught individually or in any order as a series. A dynamic collection of Bible War Heroes taught over the past several years.[ Added June, 2014]

Offered in FOUR age Levels from ages 4 years through Adults.

Worksheets included with Little Wranglers. All other levels refer to Workbooks.


Weapons of Warfare:  Two Lessons as Peter begins with a Sword & turns to the Spirit as his weapon of choice.

War Heroes2_Weapons of Warfare_Peter_Adult War Heroes2_Weapons of Warfare_Peter_Adult 564.67 Kb

War Heroes2_Weapons of Warfare_Peter_Teen War Heroes2_Weapons of Warfare_Peter_Teen 562.85 Kb

War Heroes2_Weapons of Warfare_Peter_Wranglers War Heroes2_Weapons of Warfare_Peter_Wranglers 560.21 Kb

War Heroes2_Weapons of Warfare_Peter_Little Wranglers War Heroes2_Weapons of Warfare_Peter_Little Wranglers  .

Covert Operation: Special Ops risk all & break throughthe barrier in total devotion to the King.

War Heroes2_Covert Ops_Bethlehem Well_Adult War Heroes2_Covert Ops_Bethlehem Well_Adult 402.15 Kb

War Heroes2_Covert Ops_Bethlehem Well_Teen War Heroes2_Covert Ops_Bethlehem Well_Teen 399.92 Kb

War Heroes2_Covert Ops_Bethlehem Well_Wranglers War Heroes2_Covert Ops_Bethlehem Well_Wranglers 405.42 Kb

War Heroes2_Covert Ops_Bethlehem Well_Little Wranglers War Heroes2_Covert Ops_Bethlehem Well_Little Wranglers 331.96 Kb

Defining Moment: Jacob becomes Israel in one Defining Moment.

War Heroes2_Defining Moment_Jacob_Adults War Heroes2_Defining Moment_Jacob_Adults 539.90 Kb

War Heroes2_Defining Moment_Jacob_Teen War Heroes2_Defining Moment_Jacob_Teen 495.10 Kb

War Heroes2_Defining Moment_Jacob_Wranglers War Heroes2_Defining Moment_Jacob_Wranglers 495.29 Kb

War Heroes2_Defining Moment_Jacob_Little Wranglers War Heroes2_Defining Moment_Jacob_Little Wranglers 639.15 Kb

Last Man Standing: Noah takes a Stand.

War Heroes2_Last Man Standing_Noah_Adult War Heroes2_Last Man Standing_Noah_Adult 354.03 Kb

War Heroes2_Last Man Standing_Noah_Teen War Heroes2_Last Man Standing_Noah_Teen 399.51 Kb

War Heroes2_Last Man Standing_Noah_Wranglers War Heroes2_Last Man Standing_Noah_Wranglers 387.31 Kb

War Heroes2_Last Man Standing_Noah_Little Wranglers War Heroes2_Last Man Standing_Noah_Little Wranglers 445.72 Kb

Medal of Honor: John the Baptist in TWO Lessons/ Earns the Medal of Honor

War Heroes2_Medal of Honor_JohnBaptist_Adult War Heroes2_Medal of Honor_JohnBaptist_Adult 492.12 Kb

War Heroes2_Medal of Honor_JohnBaptist_Teen War Heroes2_Medal of Honor_JohnBaptist_Teen 491.09 Kb

War Heroes2_Medal of Honor_JohnBaptist_Wranglers War Heroes2_Medal of Honor_JohnBaptist_Wranglers 491.56 Kb

War Heroes2_Medal of Honor_JohnBaptist_Little Wranglers War Heroes2_Medal of Honor_JohnBaptist_Little Wranglers 528.14 Kb

Operation Rebuild: Nehemiah builds with a shovel in one hand & a sword in the other.

War Heroes2_Operation Rebuild_Nehemiah_Adults War Heroes2_Operation Rebuild_Nehemiah_Adults 595.06 Kb

War Heroes2_Operation Rebuild_Nehemiah_Teen War Heroes2_Operation Rebuild_Nehemiah_Teen 586.07 Kb

War Heroes2_Operation Rebuild_Nehemiah_Wranglers War Heroes2_Operation Rebuild_Nehemiah_Wranglers 585.72 Kb

War Heroes2_Operation Rebuild_Nehemiah_Little Wranglers War Heroes2_Operation Rebuild_Nehemiah_Little Wranglers 596.58 Kb

Purple Heart: Stephen sees Jesus Standing; not sitting beside the Throne for this moment.

War Heroes2_Purple Heart_Stephen_Adult War Heroes2_Purple Heart_Stephen_Adult 406.58 Kb

War Heroes2_Purple Heart_Stephen_Teen War Heroes2_Purple Heart_Stephen_Teen 406.54 Kb

War Heroes2_Purple Heart_Stephen_Wranglers War Heroes2_Purple Heart_Stephen_Wranglers 391.48 Kb

War Heroes2_Purple Heart_Stephen_Little Wranglers War Heroes2_Purple Heart_Stephen_Little Wranglers 453.91 Kb



To VIEW the Adult Workbook:wh2_ad_cover.jpgWar Heroes II - Adult Workbook (Viewing) War Heroes II - Adult Workbook (Viewing) 431.15 Kb

To PRINT the Adult Workbook: War Heroes II - Adult Workbook (for Printing) War Heroes II - Adult Workbook (for Printing) 501.02 Kb


To VIEW the Teen Workbook:  War Heroes II - Teen Workbook (Viewing) War Heroes II - Teen Workbook (Viewing) 498.75 Kb

To PRINT the Teen Workbook:  War Heroes II - Teen Workbook (for Printing) War Heroes II - Teen Workbook (for Printing) 569.14 Kb


To VIEW the Wrangler Workbook: War Heroes II - Wrangler Workbook (Viewing) War Heroes II - Wrangler Workbook (Viewing) 496.98 Kb 

To PRINT the Wrangler Workbook:  War Heroes II - Wrangler Workbook (for Printing) War Heroes II - Wrangler Workbook (for Printing) 570.56 Kb







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