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Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.  2 Timothy 2:15

The Bible is the only source of materials to draw from. Using the Theme Method the smallest church to the largest can have appropriate, cost-saving Bible based teaching materials.

Please contact us for information on how to develop your own themes based upon Scripture. Review those we have online as well. 

Interesting Themes


A Study of OFF-ROAD Little Known Bible Lessons.

Keepin it Real

Roll Over

Watch Out for the Trees

Stuck in the Mud without a Chain

Backroads 4 Wheeling Series_Little Wranglers Backroads 4 Wheeling Series_Little Wranglers 1.56 Mb

Backroads 4 Wheeling Series_Wranglers Backroads 4 Wheeling Series_Wranglers 1.49 Mb

Backroads 4 Wheeling Series_Teen Wranglers Backroads 4 Wheeling Series_Teen Wranglers 1.50 Mb

Backroads 4 Wheeling Series_Adult Wranglers Backroads 4 Wheeling Series_Adult Wranglers 1.50 Mb




Ya'll Grow Up !!

[Discipleship Messages]

5 Lessons & Challenges on 4 Age Levels


Cry Baby!

Me First or Servant of All!

First Steps!

Die to Self! [2 lessons]

Ya'll Grow Up_Little Wranglers Ya'll Grow Up_Little Wranglers 1.41 Mb

Ya'll Grow Up_Wranglers Ya'll Grow Up_Wranglers 1.09 Mb

Ya'll Grow Up_Teen Wranglers Ya'll Grow Up_Teen Wranglers 1.04 Mb

Ya'll Grow Up_Adult Wranglers Ya'll Grow Up_Adult Wranglers 1.08 Mb


Stand-Alone Messages & Themes

A collection of Stand-Alone one week messages for Children's Church or Sunday School settings



The Vine of John 15 Lesson is written with the 7 year to 14 year age level in mind. Whether taught in a Children's Church or Sunday School setting this lesson is interactive with the student. Emphasis is two-fold: Being part of the Vine and How to bear Fruit.

 The Vine of John 15_Lesson The Vine of John 15_Lesson 102.59 Kb

The Vine of John 15_Worksheet The Vine of John 15_Worksheet 80.45 Kb





judge.gifJudgmental or Wisdom Lesson and Discussion Sheet are written with the 3rd grade through 8th grade age level in mind. Easily taught in a Children's Church or Sunday School setting, the lesson is heavy on scripture and teaching discernment of when you are judging or when you are using wisdom to take a stand for Christ.

Judgmental or Wisdom_Lesson Judgmental or Wisdom_Lesson 58.55 Kb

Judgmental or Wisdom_Discussion Sheet Judgmental or Wisdom_Discussion Sheet 53.02 Kb






elegant_black_and_white_0043.jpgBible VS. Culture Lesson suitable for ages 7 years through adults. Discusses what the Bible declares as opposed to what society declares. 

Bible VS Culture 2013 Lesson Bible VS Culture 2013 Lesson 160.58 Kb



Holiday Themes

A collection of  messages for Children's Church or Sunday School settings for Holidays.



The Lord's Scapegoat from Leviticus 16 is one of the TOP Easter Lessons in our collection of materials. The Scapegoat is a picture/illustration object lesson given to us by God Himself. Whether taught at Easter or any other time this lesson will NOT be forgotten.

We offer the lesson/message and additionally have the two-sided tri-fold TAKE HOME follow-up to accompany the message.


The Lord's Scapegoat_Easter_Lev 16 The Lord's Scapegoat_Easter_Lev 16

The Lord's Scapegoat_Easter_TAKEHOME The Lord's Scapegoat_Easter_TAKEHOMEscapegoatpic_2010.jpg





Christmas Prophecies Series

Highly Illustrated; Foundational Christmas Lessons/Messages

Christmas Prophecies_Bethlehem Christmas Prophecies_Bethlehem126.44 Kb

Christmas Prophecies_Right on Time Christmas Prophecies_Right on Time 135.73 Kb

Christmas Prophecies_ Family Ties Christmas Prophecies_ Family Ties 122.93 Kb



 Biggest Christmas Gift I Ever Got 

 FOR ALL AGES: Teaching Lesson highly illustrated & interactive. Brings class to conclusion with Salvation Presentation.

Biggest Christmas Gift I Ever Got Biggest Christmas Gift I Ever Got 108.54 Kb



gift_horse.gifLooking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Suggested ages: 4th grade & older

Christmas-related message/lesson intended to strike a healthy balance in the theme of Christmas between the Real Deal and our cultural heritage. 

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth 111.28 Kb



 Behind the Mask: Excellent Fall Message

masks.gifBehind the Mask_Lesson Behind the Mask_Lesson 84.76 Kb



More themes in the coming weeks.

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