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Children's Church Basic Structure 

After many years of Children's Church Ministry we have served in those running from 5 children to 500 children in attendance. The cultures have varied widely and while the children's church must be adjusted to the workers and facilities available, the ideal structure follows a pattern much like the following:



Each week a main character puppet [ ours is Henryetta the Hen] directs the Puppet Team with her antics. Surprises abound as the Chicken Puppet demonstrates a Bible Principle.
A pre-recorded song mimicked by the puppets just prior to the preaching/teaching time focuses the children on the subject of the lesson. Read & download the pdf attachment here for some hearty advice: Puppets _ Things to do and not to do. Puppets _ Things to do and not to do. 210.67 Kb


Appropriate age level ILLUSTRATED preaching/teaching EVERY week. THIS IS THE MAIN EVENT. God's Word will not return void. This is His Heart. We give them the Word and He brings the results.
For example, Goliath has on his helmet, a simple cooking pan, and his shield, a metal trash can lid. Children pay attention when you illustrate.

Salvation Explained:

Every week salvation is explained via flash cards or via powerpoint presentation in almost the same fashion so children are grounded in the Scripture. dsc00224.jpg
The children are then given an opportunity to go sit down with a counseler and discuss a further explanation of salvation. While children are with a counseler, we go forward with a Bible Game in the same room or area. This works well ! If a child is not serious or ready to discuss his salvation then he is easily distracted back to the Game Time. However, when a child is serious about having this discussion, you can't distract them easily. We have seen this method work for many years.

Bible Games/Reinforments:

Each week Bible Games reinforce the preaching/teaching Bible story or principle of the day. Excitement soars and children do not want to go home yet. Here is a sample of several games downloadable titled Bible Game Time or MOM, Can we stay just a few more minutes? Bible Game Time or Mom Bible Game Time or Mom 528.64 Kb



Appropriate lively music rounds out the children's church service with songs to remember all week.
Cliff hanger skits often accompany a theme, teaching a moral principle related to the Bible message.