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Sept 24 2016 Full Wrangler Church Workshop in Warren Arkansas.
Salado FALL 2016 Wrangler Church Workshop
People Puppet Script with audience of ages 4-8 years. Theme of Jesus is my Best Friend.
Puppet Script depicting the amazing Love of our Lord.
Behind the Mask Lesson-A VERY FUN stand-alone Lesson;  reference to I Samuel 16:7 Man sees the outside; God sees the heart. Illustration includes face mask &/or face painting.
A collection of Bible Games for use at end of Children's Church to teach sound doctrine while having so much fun that you don't want to go home!
Stand-alone Bible Lesson from Francine S. concerning the Bible VS Culture of our day. Suitable for Bible Studies for ages 7 through adult.
Thanksgiving Puppet Script.
Christmas Prophecies_Family Ties is One of Three Lesson/Messages in a series. Family Ties explores the family tree of Jesus as well as the Virgin Birth of the Savior. Illustrations are explained in detail. These three lessons are foundational and will not be forgotten.
Christmas Prophecies_Bethlehem is One of Three Lessons/Messages that present a total of four Christmas Prophecies fulfilled in Christ's birth.  Illustrations are explained in detail to make these a series of lessons they will NOT forget for a lifetime. Foundational !
Christmas Prophecies_Right on Time is One in a series of Three Lessons/Messages that cover Four Christmas Prophecies fulfilled in the birth of Christ. Illustrations are explained in detail. Messages are foundational and will not be forgotten.
Puppet Script refers to having God's Righteousness vs. Fake Righteousness.
FUNNY Animal or People Puppet Script depicting the Lord as our protector.
Condensed Wrangler Church Workshop follows a Wrangler Church morning at the newest Cowboy Church in Middle TN.
Two People Puppet Script regarding the Holy Spirit.
Two People Puppet Script regarding Belief of the Second Coming.
People Puppet Script regarding Obedience & Truth
People Puppet Script regarding Remembrance of Quiet Time with God.
Jasper County Cowboy Church Wrangler Workshop Schedule.
JASPER COUNTY Cowboy Church 2016
Discussion/Worksheet compliments Judgmental or Wisdom Stand-Alone Lesson. Recommended for 3rd grade through 8th grade levels. When are you judging and when are you using discernment is the theme of this lesson.
When are you Judging and when are you using discernment? Stand-alone lesson with associated Discussion Sheet recommended for 3rd grade through 8th grade levels.
Puppet Script depicting Jesus is coming back soon.
Christmas Puppet Script with two People Puppets. Humerous and leads to opportunity for Salvation Presentation.
COMICAL Old Time Saga Melodrama based on Biblical Principles. Excellent for VBS, Camps, SS, Youth Churches.
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