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Each month a Newsletter is sent to the children, addressed in care of the parents, that are on the Children's Church attendance roll of our local church. Pertinent information presented in a colorful, appealing format is the key. Past events, upcoming events, appropriate clipart or pictures, and a challenge all are on a one page format for quick viewing.

How you present your ministry is one of the most important TOOLS you have outside of prayer itself for growing your ministry in size and in spirituality.

Too many newsletters that folks put out are "read and toss" material. Usually it is information plus lots of opinions.


  • A newsletter that is read is far more effective than one that is tossed aside.
  • Too much rhetoric and not enough bulleted information will leave your news unread.
  • If you want your efforts to be successful, then the reader has got to want to read it NOW.

Be sure and take a moment to check out the pdf attachments. In our archives at In His Vineyard Together, our newsletters to both workers teams as well as to the children span about 15 years and are available upon request. From Cowboy Churches to Traditional Church settings, you are sure to find something that will be a help to you.

Download Archived PDF versions here