Your lessons & advice have really made a huge impact on the children....and on us as teachers.

Patricia K./Cowboy Heritage Church/Clyde, TX


...made Children's Ministry come more alive...& clarified presenting the salvation plan to kids like no one before!....

Terri/Jasper County Cowboy Church

Children's Team Leader


Wrangler Church has been such a blessing to Cowboy Church of Tarrant County. The kids love it, they really enjoy our “cow” Dixie Belle...

Morgan Shimanek/ CCTC Children's Team Lead [ Ft Worth]


…I have used lots of different types of curriculum over the years. For Cowboy Church the lessons from site just fit perfect!...... We have had the privilege of seeing several children saved by giving them the opportunity at the end of the lesson…..

Leslie Stallcup/Children’s Team Leader/ Texoma Cowboy Church


...Kid's Bible Study...used your salvation folder...3 accepted Christ! Praise the Lord!

Debbie Kalb & Debbie LeClair-Youth Leader

Cowboy Gatherin'/Burkburnett, TX

Western Themes
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Free Children Church & Family Ministry Resources

Wrangler Church continuously adds new materials from our 40+ year arsenal. You may contact us easily at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . ALL Materials are free & downloadable from the site Our Forte:

Free Ministry Resources include:

  • Curriculum for ages 4 through adult; Multiple Bible Studies/Workbooks/Helps
  • Illustrated Preaching & Teaching/Salvation Presentation

  • Puppet Ministry/People Melodrama Skits/Bible Games/Reinforcements

  • WC Children's Church Training Workshops/Start-Ups/Wrangler Children's Church Sundays

What is Happening:




Saturday, Sept 17th 3C Cowboy Fellowship in Salado, TX2016 Wrangler Workshop_3C Fellowship Salado 2016 Wrangler Workshop_3C Fellowship Salado 384.55 Kb

Saturday, Sept 24th Grace Cowboy Church in Warren, Arkansas2016 Wrangler Church Workshop_Warren Arkansas 2016 Wrangler Church Workshop_Warren Arkansas 268.61 Kb

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NEW AUGUST 20, 2016

Fall Curriculum 2016

Consuming Fire Campfire Messages


Wet Wood & No Matches

That's Strange Fire

Making S'mores & Roasting Hot Dogs

When the Fire Goes Out

God is a Consuming Fire

Melt Down


Campfire Series_Little Wranglers Campfire Series_Little Wranglers 1.57 Mb

Campfire Series_Wranglers Campfire Series_Wranglers 1.26 Mb

Campfire Series_TEEN Wranglers Campfire Series_TEEN Wranglers 1.27 Mb

Campfire Series_Adults Campfire Series_Adults 1.26 Mb








Whirlwind Ranch

Western/Cowboy VBS/Camp 2016

A Storm is Coming!

Are you Ready?

LOGISTICS/SYNOPSIS/SETUP: Whirlwind Ranch_Logistics & Information Whirlwind Ranch_Logistics & Information 681.87 Kb


PEOPLE MELODRAMA for Whirlwind Ranch:  What's the Number for 911 ?  WHIRLWIND People Skit_ CampVBS_2016 WHIRLWIND People Skit_ CampVBS_2016 579.33 Kb


PUPPET Scripts for Whirlwind Ranch:

This Ain't Kansas/The Sink Hole/Look at those Hot Wheels/ What'd He Say? Whirlwind Ranch_Puppet Scripts Whirlwind Ranch_Puppet Scripts 523.61 Kb


LESSONS/MESSAGES Caught in a Whirlwind; Shaking in Your Boots; Chariots of Fire, & Echo Canyon:

Little Wranglers ages 4s & 5s:Whirlwind Ranch VBS 2016-4s5s Whirlwind Ranch VBS 2016-4s5s 1.32 Mb

Wranglers ages 1st-6th Grades: Whirlwind Ranch VBS 2016- 1st-6th Whirlwind Ranch VBS 2016- 1st-6th 1.19 Mb

Teen Wranglers: Whirlwind Ranch VBS 2016- 7thPlus Whirlwind Ranch VBS 2016- 7thPlus 984.07 Kb

stormchasers1_bookcover.jpgstormchasers2_bookcover.jpgSTORMCHASER MANUALS:


Storm Chasers Manual: 1st to 6th Grade (For Viewing) Storm Chasers Manual: 1st to 6th Grade (For Viewing) 846.42 Kb

Storm Chasers Manual: 1st to 6th Grade (Print Version) Storm Chasers Manual: 1st to 6th Grade (Print Version) 1.16 Mb

Storm Chasers Manual: 7th Grade to Adult (For Viewing) Storm Chasers Manual: 7th Grade to Adult (For Viewing) 804.21 Kb

Storm Chasers Manual: 7th Grade to Adult (Print Version) Storm Chasers Manual: 7th Grade to Adult (Print Version) 1.16 Mb



** THREE years of Lessons/Messages on Western Theme Page*** 



**Now on Western Theme Page**

LAW & ORDER/ Deals with the Ten Commandments/ Little Wranglers, Wranglers, Teens & Adults now online. 



  Lessons: Proper Respect; Holy Name; The Promise Commandment; Thou Shalt not Kill; That Ain't Yours, & Tall Tales.






Wrangler Church Devotionals

Compilation in 7 Volumes

Our Wrangler Kids Wisdom Devotionals Compilation by Related Topics for easy Download. Suggested ages 6-14.

vol_one_pic.jpgWrangler Devotionals I  Barnyard Wisdom

Wrangler Devotionals I _Barnyard Wisdom Wrangler Devotionals I _Barnyard Wisdom 1.68 Mb

Wrangler Devotionals II Horse Sense

Wrangler Devotionals II _Horse Sense Wrangler Devotionals II _Horse Sense 1.26 Mb

Wrangler Devotionals III Holiday Favorites

Wrangler Devotionals III_Holiday Favorites Wrangler Devotionals III_Holiday Favorites 1.21 Mb

Wrangler Devotionals IV Foundational Wisdom

Wrangler Devotionals IV_Foundational Wisdom Wrangler Devotionals IV_Foundational Wisdom 1.29 Mb

Wrangler Devotionals V Anyday Wisdom

Wrangler Devotionals V_Anyday Wisdom Wrangler Devotionals V_Anyday Wisdom 1.54 Mb

Wrangler Devotionals VI Frontier Devotions

Wrangler Devotionals VI_Frontier Devotions Wrangler Devotionals VI_Frontier Devotions 1.84 Mb

Wrangler Devotionals VII Heritage Devotions

Wrangler Devotionals VII_Heritage Devotions Wrangler Devotionals VII_Heritage Devotions 1.16 Mb 




NEW Stand-Alone Messages: 

What part of the Third Day don't you understand?

Third Day _Adult Wranglers Third Day _Adult Wranglers 469.32 Kb

Third Day _Teen Wranglers Third Day _Teen Wranglers 470.98 Kb

Third Day _Wranglers Third Day _Wranglers 541.03 Kb

Third Day _LittleWranglers Third Day _LittleWranglers 593.53 Kb

NEW Stand-Alone Message:

Which Cross? The Right or the Left?  One level message transcribed from live service delivered to ages 1st through adults in morning service. Very powerful message suitable for adults, teens, & wranglers.

WhichCross _The Right or The Left WhichCross _The Right or The Left 594.38 Kb



NEW MAY 2016!

Stagecoach Run: The Old Paths


Riding Shotgun

Precious Cargo

It's a Holdup!

Runaway Stage!

Who's got the Reins!

End of the Line.

Little Wranglers: Stagecoach Run_Little Wranglers Stagecoach Run_Little Wranglers 1.24 Mb

Wranglers: Stagecoach Run_Wranglers Stagecoach Run_Wranglers 815.61 Kb

Teen Wranglers: Stagecoach Run_Teen Wranglers Stagecoach Run_Teen Wranglers 869.49 Kb

Adult Wranglers: Stagecoach Run_Adult Wranglers Stagecoach Run_Adult Wranglers 868.50 Kb 







salv.jpgGreat Child Salvation Follow-up Tool!: Buckaroo's Guide to Salvation Take_Home_Follow-up Take_Home_Follow-up 407.00 Kb  Salvation Button offers other aids as well.

Bible Game Time or Mom, Can we Stay a Little Longer? Bible Game Time or Mom Bible Game Time or Mom 528.64 Kb

Puppet Advice: Puppets _ Things to do and not to do. Puppets _ Things to do and not to do. 210.67 Kb


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